Fitball Exercises


Fitball Exercises

Here a few of the exercises we use in FItball Body Conditioning sessions. If you would like to come along to a Fitball class, they are help on a Monday 8pm – 9pm and Thursday 8pm – 9pm.

Contact Kirsty for more information or 07787 406 552. Read more…


Resistance Band Exercises



In our Fitball and Parkfit sessions, we sometimes use resistance bands. Here are a few exercises for you to try. Ask Kirsty or your instructor for a demonstration to ensure you carry out the exercises correctly. As always, ensure you check with a GP before you start any fitness program. Read more…


FOAM ROLLING – some basic moves


FOAM ROLLER INFO! The basics….

Below is some information for you when starting out with a foam roller. Contact Kirsty (07787 406 552 or to arrange a consultation so she can demonstrate the movements to you to ensure you are carrying out the exercises correctly. Foam rollers can enhance sporting performance as well as alleviate aches and pains. Read more…


Warm Down Stretch :)



After you have exercised it is important to spend at least 5 – 10 minutes stretching. Have a go at the stretches below. Each stretch should be help for 10 – 15 seconds. Hold the stretch and feel the ‘bite’ of the muscle, deeply inhale and as you exhale let yourself relax in to the stretch and extend the range of movement. Read more…


High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)


PARKFIT is largely based around INTERVALS! Read on to find out more :)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Interval training = high-intensity bursts of exercise followed by low-intensity exercise

Some example of Intervals for you to try out :) Read more…


Kettlebells – Beginners Workout


Kettlebells are a great workout for the whole body. If you are using Kettlebells for the first time, please ask Kirsty or one of the instructors at a class for support on posture when using the Kettlebells before you have a go at a ‘solo’ workout. Read more…


The Personal Training Studio

The Personal Training Studio Cheltenham (above Up and Running, High Street)

If you are looking for a private place to train with NO mirrors and NO loud music with great Personal Trainers then give us a call on 07787 406 552 Read more…


PT £ Options

Train with Kirsty


Everyone wants different styles of Personal Training. I have devised a 3 tiered programme of Personal Training… Read more…


TWK Autumn Class Timetable 2012


Here is a brief overview of the TWK Autumn 2012 classes:



Mon 20:00 – 21:00 Fitball Body Conditioning

Thursday 9:30am to 10:30am Fitball Body Conditioning

Thur 20:00 – 21:00 Fitball Body Conditioning


Wed 20:00 – 21:00 Parkfit at All Saints Academy, Blaisdon Way (outdoor when dry, indoor when weather is bad)

Friday 9:30am - ‘Learn to Run’

Sat 9am-10am Parkfit


Mon 1pm-2pm Pushy Parkfit (with prams)

Thursday 11am – 12 noon Pushy Parkfit (with prams)


THE ROAD TO CHRISTMAS……STARTING week beginning Monday 22nd October

Thank you to everyone’s hard work in the classes. It is great seeing people get fitter and stronger. We have had some TWK runners in various events – well done to you all. If you do participate in an event, email me a photo or perhaps a few words about your event if you think others may enjoy it and we can share it. Remember we all inspire each other to achieve.

Hope to see you all at a class soon :)

The next block will start week beginning Monday 29th October (Half Term Week).

The block will run for 6 weeks.

Postnatal Parkfit             1pm to 2pm  (Kirsty)

Fitball                              8pm to 9pm(Mareike)  Chapel Spa

Parkfit                             8pm to 9pm(Dan / Kirsty)  All Saints Academy

Fitball                             9:30am – 10:30am(Kirsty) Chapel Spa

Postnatal Parkfit             11am to 12noon(Kirsty)

Fitball                             8pm – 9pm(Kirsty)   Chapel Spa

Learn to Run                  9am – 10am(Vikki)

Parkfit                           9am – 10am (Kirsty)

Parkfit                            9:30am – 10:30am (Dan / Kirsty)

PARKFIT SESSIONS – meet at Pittville Pump Rooms, GL50 4LA apart from Wed Eve session.
FITBALL SESSIONS – take place at Chapel Spa, North Place


So, let’s feel great at those Christmas parties. I know that when we hit December, everyone will start to fall off the fitness wagon a little bit, so lets keep going now and make as many session as we can.

In this block, I am only going to run a session if I have 10 people per session for the 6 weeks. I completely understand that you may not be able to make all the sessions, but just let me know your movements! If you miss a session, you are welcome to attend another Fitball or another Parkfit session to make up for missed sessions within the 6 week block.

Wednesday Evening Parkfit has over 20 people who have shown interested in, but not everyone can attend each week. If we do not have enough people for this session who can attend on a weekly basis, then we will pause this session and re-start after Christmas. This session is for ALL levels of fitness. Dan Thomas takes the session, there is not too much running, lots of plyometrics, strength work, partner work, core conditioning – it is a great session and so much more fun than circuits. Let me know if interested.



Fitball x 6 week block = £36

Parkfit x 6 week block = £25 (was £30)

SPECIALOFFER OF THIS BLOCK – Unlimited Parkfit for 6 week block= £30 you must assign one session per week to your regular session and you can attend as many of the other Parkfit sessions as you wish.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Let me know which session you would like to attend. Payment can be made through BACS, Cheque (payable to Kirsty Ellson) or Cash. Payment is preferred before the start of the block. Email Kirsty at for BACs details.

If you know that you cannot attend all sessions, then let me know and we can discuss.

Many Thanks,

Kirsty. Dan, Mareike and Vikki :)

Check out our new parkfit website at (still being developed!) for photos, testimonials and information.


Contact Kirsty for more information 07787 406 552 or or twitter @trainwithkirsty  @parkfitchelt


Personal Training – For Complete Beginners to Fitness Enthusiasts…

PT Feature Image
  • Don’t know where to start with an exercise routine?
  • Bored of the same, old workouts?
  • Need to challenge your body and mind?
  • Want to feel energised?
  • Want to feel motivated?
  • Have a specific injury, illness or condition?
  • Training for a specific sport / event?



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