10% OFF Start to Run Trainers and Clothing

First of all, before you start, make sure you have the correct footwear. Visit Up and Running, Lower High Street,  Cheltenham. If you train with Kirsty, or attend Parkfit, ask Kirsty or your instructor for a 10% off coupon.



Treat you and your partner to a shared Personal Training session. Support each other and compete at balance, agility, strength and speed plus tailor a workout programme to continue at home.


Strengthen your Core

When the core muscles are weak or there’s an imbalance (for example when you only carry out sit ups and the back is thus weakened), a common side effect is back pain.



To stay motivated, it is always good to have a goal in mind. This could be a distance walk or run, weight loss related or perhaps how you want your body shape to look and feel.


Parkfit Special Offer- Term Pass For Only £40!

A fitness class in the outdoors for weightloss, conditioning, running training and of course, meeting like minded people.


I Will Be Making Saturday’s A Regular Thing

Thanks so much Kirsty. I feel very energised although aching slightly already! I dread to think how I’m going to feel over the next 2 days.

I love the ability to work at my own pace as well as being motivated by you and others and also to have things explained clearly. I will be making Saturday’s a regular thing and will talk it up to my friends. Well done you for following your passion!



Confidence to Get Fit Again

‘Train with Kirsty’ has given me the confidence to get fit again since having Archie, what I love most is that I can actually take him along with me to some of the sessions which makes it easier to actually get out there and do it.

Over the last few weeks of trainig with Kirsty I can tell that I feel stronger and fitter and I can actually jog and run now(!) which I could not do before, I think i can actually feel some muscles in my arms as well which is handy as Archie is getting heavier.

I really enjoy my sessions with Kirsty, as unlike some other trainers she knows exactly what its like to have just had a baby and the areas of the body that need toning and she makes the sessions fun and social at the same time.


Getting Back Into Your Favourite Jeans!

I am 20 weeks pregnant and always been focused on my fitness, so have been determined to maintain my fitness during this amazing time.  My body is obviously changing significantly and knowing what type of exercise I should be doing has been made so much easier by attending Kirsty’s fitness sessions.

Kirsty has a wealth of knowledge and designed a bespoke antenatal exercise programme.  With her friendly positive and enthusiastic personality makes you feel very comfortable and its great to get together with a bunch of girls who are either going through the same experience or have alraedy have their little ones and want to get back into their favourite jeans!



SPRING 2012!


Race for Life 2011 Cheltenham

Kirsty Ellson finished 1st in Cheltenham’s 10k Race for Life!

“A great run with lots of pink. Hoping everyone enjoyed it and will now carry on the love of the run!!!”