Keeping us and our children active and interested!

My children are currently aged 2 years old (just) and 3 years old (nearly 4!). They are enthusiastic about most things in life and so active! At the front of our house, we have lovely big green which they run around in with their friends – they scoot, cycle, chase and generally have tireless amounts of energy.


Is Chocolate Healthy!?

One of my lovely clients forwarded me the newspaper link about how chocolate is healthy for you!


The Parkfit Poster!

Let’s see if we can this poster up all over Cheltenham! Spread the word 🙂


What is Fitball?

Fitball initially started out as an ‘all over body conditioning’ class aimed at ladies! The ‘ball’
was not part of the session or even in my thoughts.


My Personal Challenge – 20 miles!

On Sunday 18th March, I completed my longest running challenge so far, the Gloucester 20! A 20 mile race around the countryside of Gloucestershire. The race felt pretty long and at times very challenging. I ran the majority of the race with a great group of Almost Athletes and dear friend, Emma.

I feel great for achieving the 20 mile landmark. At Christmas, the furthest I had run was 2 half marathons, one when I was 18 and one last year, the Tewkesbury. Each week since Christmas I have been building the miles and am so happy to have reached the 20 – only 6 and a bit to go to complete the marathon.

My next challenge is to complete the Brighton Marathon on April 15th 2012! This now seems achievable, but, I also know that it is going to hurt! To drive me forward is that this marathon is all for the great cause of raising money for Winston’s Wish, the Child Bereavement Charity. If you would like to donate please click below :

Thank you for reading 🙂




Parkfit Interval Challenge

Interval Challenge

Find a hill which is short enough for you to walk, jog or run comfortably but long enough to be challenging! (Perhaps 25m to 100m depending on fitness levels and the challenge you want!).

First attempt, jog up the hill to feel the gradient and the challenge. Now decide whether to repeat 3, 4, 5 or 6 times (more if you want). Time yourself from the start to the end. Record your time. In future repetitiions you are going to continualy try to beat that time or to keep it as consistent as you can. After each repetition, rest for 1 minute or until your breathing is comfortable to continue again.

Let me know how you get on. Repeat twice a week and add to this a walk, jog / run for 15 – 30 minutes. Enjoy!



We have a limited number of Gym Passes for Chapel Spa. For all those people who are now exploring ways to add to your weekly routine, then purchase a 10 session pass for only £60. You can spend as long as you like in the gym. Get in touch now!


Pregnancy Meditation Session

Hello Ladies!

I’m organising a pregnancy meditation session at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham and wondered if you may be interested in going? 


Fitball is quite simply the best exercise class I have ever done.

Fitball is quite simply the best exercise class I have ever done. I find the classes at Chapel Spa very relaxing, but I always feel like I have had a good workout the next day! Thanks Kirsty

Anne McKenna, February 2012


I felt fat, depressed and hated my figure.

Kirsty is wonderful. Before meeting her I felt fat, depressed and hated my figure. After 6 weeks of fitball classes my core was toning up and I felt fabulous.