Brighton Marathon 2012!

I did it, it has taken me 35 years to finally train for and complete, but finally I have run a marathon. I loved running the marathon, I felt I had a new lease of life!


Why Run? Share YOUR reason to run…

So WHY do we run? What drives us to put on the trainers and pound the street, the hills or perhaps the treadmill. We all have different reasons, and everyone is right. Please add a comment and share with us, WHY you run or why you did run.


Runner’s Warm Up Dynamic Stretches

Here are a couple dynamic (moving) stretches for you to do before you run!


TWK’s Tips for Running Beginners!

So, how many of you have always wanted to run, but just feel that you can’t!


Tips to keep CRAMP away! Ouchie!

Why you get cramp & what causes it?

The exact cause of muscle cramps is still unknown, but the theories most commonly recognised with runners are:


PT £ Options

Personal Training with Kirsty

Before all TWK sessions, all clients must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) – this will be emailed to you before your first session.

Personal Training Price:   1 hour £35 PAYGo


New Year Offer: 10 x 60 minute sessions – £280 (save £70)

Train with a friend…

Would you like to train with a friend? This is still a personal experience for you both as the session is tailored to meet both of your needs.

To ‘pay as you go’ for ‘Partner’ Personal Training, the prices are as follows:

1 hour £20.00 per person      – Buy 5 + sessions for £14 per session

Contact Kirsty for more information –


Before I met Kirsty I never made time for myself…

I can’t quiet believe that I’ve been training with Kirsty for 10 weeks already!! I have 2 children aged 2 & 3, they are 11 months apart & keep me extremely busy as well as working 2 days as week as a PCSO.


I took to Kirsty’s friendly, effervescent personality immediately.

I first met Kirsty at one of her Parkfit sessions last Jan, I took to her friendly effervescent personality immediately.