Health and Fitness Apps

Most of us, have some kind of android phone attached to ours bodies most of the time, or a tablet or a computer. Here are a few FREE apps which may come in useful for you:


Jane’s Cheltenham Half Marathon – Sep 2013 – I exceeded my target, and the day itself, I loved!

My Cheltenham Half Marathon Journey:

September 2013

Nine years ago I pulled out of competing in the great north run due to my first baby bump. Three children later I finally completed a half marathon, the Cheltenham half on 15th September in 2 hours 7 minutes!


#befitlovefit ….where to start?!

Eat Breakfast to re fuel your body and get your metabolism going!

Take a packed lunch to work – avoid processed food as much as possible.

Snack throughout the day on fruit and uncooked veg.


…increased all over muscle tone and my posture has definitely improved.

I started Fitball three months after my second child was born. I wanted to get my stomach muscles back and to improve my core strength.

I feel like I have achieved those goals along with increased all over muscle tone and my posture has definitely improved.


…being fitter is awesome!

My Fitness Journey = Cate Hamilton

I’m very good at making excuses to get out of doing exercise. My parents tried to get me into tennis, but I hated it. Books were better. At school I always managed to time music lessons to avoid PE. I did one year of rowing at uni because I fancied the coach (and reader, I married him) but that didn’t change my attitude in general.


Paul’s Cheltenham Half Marathon :)

Pauls truthful review of the Cheltenham Half and the preparation!

Having had a desk job for 18 years now, I’ve found it harder and harder to keep/get fit. Things got much worse (in that respect, anyway) when we had our children, and free time all but disappeared.


What the PEOPLE say!

Thank you to everyone who has shared Fitness Journeys. It is a privilege to work with you all. It is wonderful to see so many people enjoying exercise in a friendly, enjoyable environment. In every session, we want to get to know everyone who attends so we know their fitness goals and challenges so we can personalise the class to you. When you come to see us, you are a NAME not a number 🙂