Tuesdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm

6 x 1 hour Cardio Fitball sessions

at All Saints Academy, GL51 OWH

A great hour of fitness using the core stability ball to target cardio fitness, weight loss as wel as strengthening. Good music, great ladies and an effective workout. Bring a ball (and a mat if you have one) and be ready to work up a sweat!


HOW do we do it!???

Parents Keeping Fit! Can we do it all?!


Natalie Schmidt: That we as parents must put aside time to stay fit and healthy in order to take the best possible care of our kids. If Mummy/Daddy are poorly or injured, the kids cannot get the best care.


Sharing some different nutritional lifestyles…

WHICH DIET ARE YOU TRYING OR NOT TRYING? I am really interested in the ‘diets / nutritional lifestyles’ which everyone have been following – in each of the TWK sessions I am hearing about a range of ‘diets’ which people are trying out. For some people it is better to follow a step by step plan and for others – they like to mix and match and others may be happy keeping a balanced diet. I would love to hear from you to find about what has worked and not worked from you – which diets perhaps stop you having temptations and which do. If you would like to share any – then please do email me and with your permission I would like to share your thoughts with others.


A few tips for running in the dark…

These are just my personal thoughts about running in the dark. So many of us are put off running at the moment outside in the dark evenings – if you can’t find a way to get out before daylight ends or get to a treadmill or fitness class, here you go! Here are a few tips – just be careful if you do go out in the dark and hopefully some of these little points may help. I am sure there are many more suggestions we could add to the list. Email me if you would like to add them. Here goes…


A few words from the Parkfitters on social media from Sat 11th Jan…

Well here I go again saying sentences I never thought would come out of my mouth… I’ve just fully enjoyed myself planking, running, press- upping,lunging, squatting, and sit-upping in the mud at 9am in Pittville park on a Saturday morning



On Sunday 9th February, we will running a range of FUN RUNS of  DIFFERENT distances, involving the children who are welcome to come along as their favourite superhero or fairy – but remember, this is a run, not a race. There will be no route markers or official timings, the route will be shared with everyone below and also explained on the day. Feel free to time yourself on your watch – or there will be a timer running for each of the distances.

We will have run leaders for each distance and ensure everyone is supported. The runs are chatty and friendly, though feel free to run on your own if you prefer!