Video taken by my lovely husband in my studio.

Here is a video of some exercises you can do at home.

  1. Dolphin Pose  – lie down with your heels on the ball and raise your hips of the floor. This will challenge your balance – have a go at taking your arms of the floor. Drive your hips up towards the ceiling strengthening your back, glutes and core.
  2. Pedalo – lie down with your knees up in line with your hips. Slowly extend one leg at a time focusing on your core working to extend the leg out and bring it back in. If this hurts your back, then tap the floor with one foot at a time.
  3. Single leg lunge – you may want to hold on to to a wall for this to keep your balance. Make sure your knee is not over your front toe – take time in this pose before starting to bring in any movement.
  4. Single leg lunge with tap – as you feel more confident in the single leg lunge then bring in movement to tap the floor.
  5. Tuck – hands on the floor, shoulders slightly over wrists, keep your hips slightly lifted and tuck in your knees to your chest and out again. If you struggle to balance then just practice in the starting position with legs out straight and weight on hands.
  6. Combination: Single leg hold to front support to tuck to single leg lunge. I wobbled doing this for the video. It needs to be slow and controlled to focus on the strength of the core to control the movmeents. I love a combination!