I can run!


I first met Kirsty through my daughter Donna who was training with Kirsty several times a week in order to get ready for her wedding day. Initially, Donna had several sessions at my house and I gradually started to join in. This gave me the confidence to start going to try some training with Kirsty. Starting in September, I used the power plate and the gym at Chapel Spa where Kirsty showed me different exercises which I could do and be effective in helping me to get fit. During one training session, Kirsty approached the idea of going for a run. Instantly, I was not keen as I can’t run! I went for a couple of running sessions and felt knackered throughout and still wasn’t sure if running was for me. Upon talking to my other daughter Emma, who also trains with Kirsty, I told her that I would like to be able to run one mile. At that point, I thought one mile was a unmanageable distance, but Kirsty, being told that this was my target, said at the start of one session, “right Ann, we are off to run a mile!” Immediately, negative thoughts went through my head, but we went out and did it. By running with Kirsty, she taught me how to run at a sensible pace and breathe properly. Once I had done a mile, I was off. I had determination and confidence and set myself a target of 5 miles. Obviously I knew this would take several months to achieve and I started my task after Christmas. I downloaded run keeper on the iPhone and got myself set up with music and I slowly started to get fit and my mileage increased. This week (1st June) I achieved my goal and ran 5 miles! I have to thank Kirsty for all of her help and support during sessions and through text messages. I can run!

Love Ann x

Kirsty’s words!

I am so proud of Ann, she has gone from standing on the sidelines supporting others with their fitnessgoals to have fitness goals of her own.

When we started training together, we focused on toning and strengthening the body with gentle cv. Soon enough, we were carrying out interval training on the treadmill and rowing machine. Ann’s confidence grew week by week and wanted to challenge her body to see what it could do.

Ann tentatively started a few runs and by herself would slowly increase the mileage  after we completed the first mile together. Ann would text slip into into conversation her mileage she had achieved week by week when met for PT sessions at Chapel Spa.

Last week Ann reached her goal of 5 miles. I am very proud of what she has achieved. Strengthening and conditioning PT sessions have made her feel in charge of her body but more than that it is the support of her family and the belief she had in herself.

Well done Ann. Looking forward to the next steps….Kirsty 🙂


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