5:2 Diet – What do the TWK people think?

 5:2 diet….tried it? Any takers? What are your thoughts?

Keely: Lasted till lunchtime!!

Helen: My mum tried it and it’s been very successful for her. She has shifted a stone and says she has found it much easier than other dietary changes because it lacks the same restrictions. I don’t know the full ins and outs of it but she uses her fast day to stock up on fruit and veg. xx:)

Kirsty: It is a real tussle this one – I have heard so many success stories and some not so successful. I think it comes down to your daily lifestyle and stresses and the part food plays in your everyday lives. Helen Rackowe and Keely Barnfield thank you for sharing. It would be great to hear from other experiences too so people can see if this may work for them. I don’t advocate ‘diets’ but this seems to be so popular that I can’t hide from it anymore! My usual mantra is clean and lean eating but this seems to be helping some reach that ‘clean and lean’ balance. Any other thoughts are welcome .

Clare: Lasted till 11am!

Lucy: My parents swear by it for weight loss! But there is an article in the current issue of Glamour magazine about how it affects men and women differently, specifically regarding fertility.

Victoria: I tried it for a few weeks before falling pregnant with jack and it was great. I watched the fascinating panorama documentary by michael moseley beforehand and it made perfect sense to me x

Nicola: Lost a stone by following it earlier in the year……found it harder to stick to over the summer but started again yesterday. Soup is the answer on a fast day……or an innocent veg pot!

Zoe: teacher at my school does it & says she is fine on the 2 days now her body is used to it! X

Kate: Even I’m doing it! X

Victoria: I ate scrambled egg on a slice of toast with grilled shrooms and toms and veg soup or stir fry on the fast days xxx

Candice: I also watched the Panorama programme and Mr Moseley pushed a convincing argument for this diet. However, like you, I will not advocate any ‘diet’. Of course there will be weight loss, due to the reduction in calories over the course of the two fasting days…..but does this not still miss the point and perpetuate the ever increasing ‘diet’ industry (which is booming, whilst the nation becomes fatter). People are fixated with ‘weight’ loss. Where is the redressing of unhealthy habits, educating people to respect and look after their bodies by fuelling them with nutritious natural foods, and doing what we were designed to do….walk, run, lift things BE ACTIVE. This leads to a naturally strong and healthy body and mind without any need for fasting.

Any ‘diet’ really promotes the idea of a quick fix and not a lifestyle change. I know a load of people are doing it and say ‘it works’…..but I would question for how long and has it improved their overall health.

Apologies, big of a long post but had to get that all in!!

Hannah: I think it’s a gd way of retraining you’re body to eat less as most of us don’t need the amounts we are eating. Victoria has stated what she eats on a fast day and that sounds like a normal balanced day to me, just cutting out all the rubbish. I’m not a fan of diets but I don’t regard this as one as its trying to make you rethink your eating habits. Just my thoughts!

Helen: Just started and have done my 2 days and I’m a clean and lean fan so I’m doing a combination of clean and lean, calorie counting and the 5:2. Yesterday was very tough and I was awake after midnight and I thought “oh thank god it’s tomorrow I could get up and eat!” I didn’t but it was hard!! Read 2 books on it on holiday and it makes a very good case. I am offering this as one if the plans for my weight loss club!

Sarah: I like it Hun x

Emily: I don’t know enough about the diet to comment however my views on diet are … Eat 90- 95% raw foods combined with reg exercise you will maintain slim healthy and energetic, will less likely be ill we need to change the way we think about food – it’s our natural drug to be happy I don’t really like to support any labelled ‘ diets’ unless they are geared towards the individuals needs

Kate: I decided to go for it Kirsty because I had a slightly raised reading of tryglycerides (bad part of your cholesterol). I’ve lost a stone and a half and feel much better for it and my cholesterol levels are completely healthy again. I try and stick to 2 days per week (since feb) but don’t do it religiously if there are hols etc. I still drink vino most weekends and still really enjoy my carbs…… I think I eat a lot healthier as I eat lots of fresh veg and salad on my fast days. I don’t see it as a diet but as a way of life for me now…..


Train with Kirsty thoughts:

I love a good debate and I think it is fabulous how the people above have shared thoughts and been open about their views and experiences. Whether or not you like the 5:2, we should all use this debate to think about the food we eat and WHY we eat…Is there a week or so when you crave chocolate? Do you know why? Think about the hormonal as well as emotional triggers that make you want to eat. Perhaps, certain times of the yearly cycle at work?

The major thing you need to think about it is ‘why diet’? A ‘diet’ is usually seen as a temporary state, but actually, what we put in our mouths on a daily basis is a ‘diet’.  On a daily basis, we should be thinking about reducing processed food, salt and sugar intake, fats etc etc and generally trying to eat fresh food whenever possible.

Have a think about the following for the week ahead:

Increase the protein in your diet – choose lean, fresh meats, fish and beans/pulses.

Increase fruit and veg – of every colour you can find!

Decrease the foods that you know are not great for you – you know which ones they are…

It would be great if we could get a bank of recipes together of meals and snacks, which are part of a healthy, balanced diet. If you have recipes to share, please do email them to me…

Portion sizes – Visit http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/5ADAY/Pages/Portionsizes.aspx for information about your 5 a day and portion sizes.

The 5:2 diet has been controversial, for me, the essence is keeping a varied, healthy diet staying away from processed food, fizzy drinks etc as much as possible.

Thoughts and views are very welcome. Please email me trainwithkirsty@gmail.com or comment on facebook https://www.facebook.com/trainwith.kirsty

Healthy regards,





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