A few words from the Parkfitters on social media from Sat 11th Jan…

Well here I go again saying sentences I never thought would come out of my mouth… I’ve just fully enjoyed myself planking, running, press- upping,lunging, squatting, and sit-upping in the mud at 9am in Pittville park on a Saturday morning where previously I would have been enjoying a cuppa and some biscuits in bed. Thank you Trainwith Kirsty for making it so much fun and thank you Tracie Hamilton Holder for holding my hand, you were amazing!!!

Kate Knight

Getting up in enough time for shredded wheat and a banana before Parkfit instead of throwing a coffee down me made such a difference to my energy and strength today. Feeling virtuous! Great session kirsty, sweated my butt off today

Sheryl Fish


Fab session in the sunshine, thanks Kirsty!

Nat Stow


I never thought I’d say that too!! Really enjoyed it thank you both!! Legs are hurting already……ouch!! Xx

Tracie Hamilton Holder







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