An Ode to Weightless Running! The AlterG…

 I seem to struggle to find time to exercise. I do quite like running, but I really don’t like starting running again after a period when I’ve not been exercising that much. I tend to have periods when I do find time to exercise, and periods when I don’t. In the past some of those periods have fallen at the first hurdle, when I’ve been too put off by the difficulty of getting going. Other times I have persevered, but it has taken so long to get over the first stage, that I haven’t actually done much running by the time something else has come up in my life to put exercise on hold for a while (new baby/moving house etc), leaving me to start from scratch again.


This time, I have been using the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, which allows me to run at 75% or 80% of my actual weight. This has pretty much meant that from day 1, I could run (on the AlterG) at a decent speed, and for a decent time. Instead of struggling to keep going at any pace for 20 minutes, and wondering why it was so hard (my usual first run experience), I could quite happily run for 45 minutes, faster than I could when I was fit. After a few weeks of running on the AlterG, it was then relatively easy to run “in real life” (i.e. outside, at my full weight). It was still a bit of an adjustment, and 100% of me feels noticeably heavier than 80% of me, but at least I can keep going for a reasonable time, without being overtaken by anyone walking their dog. Also, if I ever become an astronaut, the practice will probably come in very useful.

written by Paul Hamilton (Personal Trainer: Kirsty Ellson)

Paul has been training with me since January this year. We started off working on the AlterG at The Personal Training Studio above Up and Running, Cheltenham, then we moved to the treadmill at Chapel Spa, Cheltenham. THEN last week we moved out on to the roads of Cheltenham! I was extremely proud of Paul when he completed a 5 mile run, chatting on the way round taking in the beautiful sights of Cheltenham Racecourse and Pittville Park. Well done Paul….perhaps it will be a half marathon soon!

Well done Paul!


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