As 2012 draws to a close!



If your life is anything like mine,  then Christmas is certainly the time of eating and drinking too much but I don’t regret any of it as it is precious time spent with family and friends and we have all had so much fun!

As the year comes to a close, I am starting think what challenges I will set for myself for 2013. My brother and sister in law are also keen sports people and I was chatting to them about what we were all going to try to do in 2013. I was keen to run another marathon in April, but the time needed to train is hard to find with two young children, husband who works weekends and evenings and running a business, so I have decided to schedule in some races throughout the year and perhaps run a marathon in October. When setting challenges, it is good to be realistic at what can actually be achieved. I signed up for lots of events in 2012 and had to withdraw my place as there was so much on with the family at weekends. This year, is going to be more organised (hopefully) and I will be able to get some PBs. So, think about what you can realistically achieve in the time you have – you can do it.
In 2012, I worked with a lot of clients who changed their lifestyle for a more balanced, healthy way of living.  I am so proud of all those clients, who have changed the habits which were leading to weight gain and putting undue pressures on the human system. Some changes which people have made:
Reduce or have completely cut out processed food, takeaways
Reduced saturated fats in diet
Increased intake of vegetable – choosing lots of different types keeping it colourful
Increased intake of fruit
Thinking carefully about the balance of protein, carbohydrate and fats.
Reducing the amount of bread, potatoes and pasta and replacing with more vegetables.
Increasing the water intake to 2litres per day.
When hungry some clients have:
Cleaned their teeth
Had a drink of water
Be social
Clients have also identified lifestyle patterns when they feel the need to eat and have tried to predetermine these and avoid unnecessary eating, they may have kept themselves busy, attended a Parkfit or Fitball class, met up with friends etc.
Fitness has developed in all clients this year, especially Running Fitness. Katy Warwick set out the year wanting to complete a 5k and over achieved in completing a 10k! Donna, H, Stewy and Zoe have taken part in multiple running events, some in fancy dress (we need some photos!). There were many of us who took part in Race for Life and many for personal reasons, this was a fabulous event.
Next year, the April Cheltenham half marathon is one for us to try to get a group of us doing and the Race for Life, plus perhaps Mudrunner.
Well done to EVERYONE who has started out to run, or perhaps sustained their mileage or maybe increased it. Those who want to run, we can help you to be able to pop those trainers and go for a run – for me it is my ‘head space’, my ‘timeout’ and at times catch up times with friends on social chatty runs. Running is different for everyone but can be for everyone 🙂

So that is enough from me on this post Christmas day! More posts to come over the next few days 🙂 HAVE FUN, Kirst


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