Can how we perceive ourselves affect our children?

This week I read an article about passing on ‘body hatred’ to our children – I am sure we can all think of a time when we have put ourselves down or commented on someone else being too thin or perhaps the other way. We can so easily affect out children with how we talk about our bodies and our attitude towards our own bodies and others.
Children are likes sponges and are constantly listening and shaping their knowledge and personal beliefs.
It makes me think about how I am with my children and also with my friends about how I speak about my body and how we speak about bodies in general socially. My daughter, Caitlin is 5, and will start picking up on things I say, so now this article has made me sit up and think about my attitude to my own body.
Body hatred is a regular topic of conversation for both males and females – instead of being negative about our bodies, we need to show our kids we are looking after our bodies and living a healthy balanced life and speak positively about our bodies.
I talk about bodies all the time through PT and the fitness classes but it is always related to fitness and the function of our body to carry out exercise. For me, the by product of exercise is weight loss. Many people start training with me to lose weight, but I hope that most of you who train with me now see that the weight loss is the product of being fitter – as well as weight loss people feel healthier, more energetic, more positive about life and in general happier.

Comments are welcome about this topic! Such a sensitive issue and one to be aware off.

SO Lets pass the news to our kids of being active and healthy instead of passing body hatred – lets love our bodies and what they can do for us.



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