Christmas Parkfit aid of Linc

On Sat 15th Dec, I woke up to hear the drumming of rain! ‘Uh oh’, I thought, nobody is going to turn up for Christmas Parkfit. As I arrived, everyone had gathered already and were raring to go! Brilliant effort!

We warmed up and then played a game of ‘Stuck in the Mud’in the rain then decided to go for it and do the ‘Pump Room loop'” Some did it twice, Sue Pearce and Kate Sprosen came first and second of the two loop people!

We played relays, plank and burpee competitions, hill sprints….it was great fun and participated in by all.

We had a few younger members come to join us, Evie Baker, Olivia and Edie Blackwell and Alfie Clarke – thank you for coming and joining in – you were all amazing!

We raised £130 on the day for Linc (Leukaemia and Chemotherapy Yrust) and many thanks for those who contributed to the raffle and baked mince pies (Elizabeth) and biscuits (Pam).

Thankyou for the following raffle donations:

Family Day Pass to Slimbridge Wildlife Centre and a little Otter

4 x Parkfit sessions (2 lots from Train with Kirsty)

Running bottles from Up and Running, Cheltenham

Bottle of Champage (Kath Pitman)

Barbie colouring kit

In addition to this, we have raised £155 for Linc so far from the sale of Parkfit t shirts.

Many thanks to all,


The reason we are raising money for LINC, is that Catherine ‘Stells’ Beck was diagnosed with Leakaemia earlier this year. She attended her usual Saturday morning Parkfit session feeling under the weather. A couple of weeks later, she was diagnosed, the day before her best friend, Kath’s wedding who also attends parkfit. Stella didnt tell Kath her diagnosis until after the wedding, the true friend that she is, always thinking of others before herself. We want to raise money for the charity, Linc, that has supported and is supporting Stella now.

Here are Stella’s words….

LINC have been the extra shoulder for me to lean on that I only wish everyone with cancer could have. So many medical staff are looking out for how best to cure us, but LINC are the ones I instantly turn to for helping me cope. The emotional support they’ve offered me and my family is worth more than I could ever say in words, they are so much more than a charity…they’re my sanity! Stella x


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