Fitball Exercises

Fitball Exercises

Here a few of the exercises we use in FItball Body Conditioning sessions. If you would like to come along to a Fitball class, they are help on a Monday 8pm – 9pm and Thursday 8pm – 9pm.

Contact Kirsty for more information or 07787 406 552.


Resistance work using the Ball

(photos to be added).

Exercise Time Remember to… Image
Squats 45 sec  -1 min Curve lower back into ball. Squat up and down

Drive up with legs and squeeze glutes (bottom!).

Legs should feel fatigued by end of minute.

Push Ups 2 sets of 12 – 15 reps


Shoulders should feel the fatigue.

Strong core to support.


Ab Curl 45 sec  -1 min Sit with body on edge of ball and feet tucked in against wall.

Body flexed up 30 degrees.

Neck relaxed.

Dorsal raise 45 sec  -1 min Lie down. Heels together and toes resting outward to make a V shape.

Squeeze lower back up to work those muscles.

Squats 45 sec  -1 min Down and hold! How long can you hold for?!  
Dolphin Pose Hold for 45 – 60secs


Heels together and toes outwards on top of ball. Hips of floor. Upside down plank.

Push hips up to strengthen back   and core.

Ham Curl 10 reps rest then 10 reps. Lie down. Heels on top of ball and squeeze heels towards body.


Plank on ball 45 – 60 secs hold. Start on knees and hold plank position with elbows on ball. If   you would prefer, do it on the floor without ball.  
Superman 30 second hold each side Opposite arm and opposite leg.

–         hands and knee 90 degrees to floor as photo.

+ eyes closed

++ eyes closed and hands and   knee further in for unstable base.


Optional to add…

CV Session – running / jog outside

Interval training: 1 minute at 8/10 intensity. 1 minute active rest 6/10 intensity.

Repeat 6 times for 12 minutes work.

Follow with a continuous jog for 8 minutes at 7/10 intensity.

= 20 minutes CV work.

Warm Down  – Cool down from 5/10 effort to 0/10 effort over 5 minutes.



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