FITBALL Thursdays 9:30am @Chapel Spa


Only £36 for a 6 week block. Strengthen, improve your posture and relax.

A small class setting where your fitness goals and health will be supported by the instructor. Strengthen your body and feel energised….
The autumn blocks will run from
The cost of one 6 week block will be £36. If you miss a session, then you are welcome to join in with another Fitball session or a Parkfit session (where is space available).
There will be a minimum of 6 persons per group but a maximum of 9 persons per group. This means that you will have the instructors attention and the instructor can follow your progress and support you as needed.
Key Benefits of Fitball sessions:
Fitball is a low impact class targeting strengthening, stretching and relaxing your body. It is surprising how quickly you will be able to ‘feel’ your stomach muscles working again and you can alleviate aches and pains through strengthening your body plus stretching and relaxing when concluding the session. You will feel welcomed and at ease in the relaxed atmosphere of Chapel Spa. This is a definitely a class for those looking for a way to get back in to fitness or perhaps looking for a way to develop their fitness routine.
Develop your
    core strength and stability
    muscular strength and endurance
   energy levels
The sessions will be led by Kirsty and will take place in the lovely setting of Chapel Spa. You are welcome to use the showers here but we ask that you bring your own towel.
Sessions will comprise of a gentle warm up and dynamic stretch, followed by low impact exercises to strengthen the body. All exercises will be differentiated to meet your needs. The session will conclude with 15 minutes of stretching and relaxation.

It would be great to have you there. Please forward this information to anyone you think who may be interested. Remember that this session can be for complete beginners or the fitness enthusiast.

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To sign up for one of the blocks, email Kirsty to book your place – Payment can be made via BACS, cheque (made payable to Kirsty Ellson) or cash. BACS/online bank transfer details : HSBC account / Sort code  40 22 09 / Account number  62042665.

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Here is a testimonial from one of the Fitball ladies:

Kirsty teaches in a caring and friendly manner, explaining fully each move ensuring everybody understands. I really enjoy these classes as I really feel the benefits and the classes are slightly different each time, which keeps it fun and interesting. Kirsty is very knowledgeable and passionate about exercise and the fitball classes. She is very conscious that everyone is comfortable and can feel the benefits of each exercise. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, these classes are perfect, as Kirsty allows you to go at your own pace and exercise in the best way for you. 



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