Had a baby? Want to get your body back again? Postnatal Fitness…

Over the past year, I have met numerous women who have had children and looking for ways to get their body back again. Some are very lucky and lose the ‘baby weight’ very quickly, and some find it harder. Some of these ladies have just had their babies and some had them ten years ago.

I have two children, aged nearly 2 and nearly 4!  I know how hard it is to motivate yourself after a sleepless night and all you want to do is to dive in to the nearest cafe and meet your fellow mums and try to work out why the baby / child did not sleep last night…again!

So, how about getting together with a group of like minded mums and get out, get some fresh air and gentle exercise in the park. There is plenty of opportunity to put the world to rights, have a well deserved giggle and get those endorphins flowing.

Meet us at Pittville Park, on Mondays at 1pm. The session is pre planned but will be adapted to suit the needs of the mums and babes involved.

If  you have recently got into fitness, please leave any tips or words of support for others as a comment…

Contact Kirsty for more information.

Cost £5 per session or half term pass £35.


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