Health and Fitness Apps

Most of us, have some kind of android phone attached to ours bodies most of the time, or a tablet or a computer. Here are a few FREE apps which may come in useful for you:

Runkeeper –

This has been a great app for me. It records the distance I run, tells me the time it takes to run one mile, tells me how far I have gone every 5 minutes – loads if information to keep me going! You don’t need to have all that information if you feel it is information overload – you can personalise it all in the settings – you can even create your own playlist to be linked to the app. Best of all though, it sends you little reminders if you have not run for a few days, which motivates you to put on those trainers!

The official blurb….What is RunKeeper?  RunKeeper is the personal trainer for your pocket. Track your running, walking or biking activities with our mobile app (iPhone and Android), or log in to the website to get further insight into how you’re doing against yourself or your friends.


Nike Running +

This has been recommended by one of our Pushy Parkfitters – Laura:

Nike Running + app is fab, I love that you can use your own playlists to run with and it clocks your stats every km, plus you get a cheer for every km you run, Laura 🙂

My Fitness Pal – Calorie Counter

I have used this and lots of my clients have had great success from this online food diary. My Fitness Pal calculates how many calories you need, plus takes into account the exercise you are doing. It can be used every day or dipped in to now and again to keep you on track. Just be aware that it is does not calculate the nutritional value of food and a dairy milk bar is no good as a substitute for lunch instead of a plate of nutritious soup, as the calories may be similar.

You have the option to scan the food in as well as choose from a huge list of foods. Great for learning the calorific value of foods. Can be used for weight loss as well as increasing weight, and training for events. When I was training for the marathon, I would use this to ensure I was eating enough to maintain energy levels and to avoid injury by maintaining good nutrition to energise the body.


If you have an app which you would like to share, then please do share and comment below 🙂