I didn’t just lose some baby weight. I found something I really enjoyed and that was just for me!

 My journey
 I haven’t participated in sport since school and never had any real success at the gym. In January, two months after having my second child I declared war on my body. Four months on I’m close to achieving my goal of being half a stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight and I’ve entered The Race For Life. It seems impossible because a few months ago, I could not run or jump due to a weak pelvic floor. With Kirsty’s help, I could participate by doing low impact versions of exercises. My strength increased and before I knew it I was jogging and even sprinting! I didn’t just loose some baby weight. I found something really enjoyed and that was just for me! It has increased my self-esteem. If I can get to the park and do a workout with my toddler and baby in the pram, then I can do anything!  I’ve had some very emotional moments such as when I completed my first 30 min run (this won’t sound like much to some, but for me this was huge). Kirsty said that this wasn’t supposed to be about her, but I really want to thank her, because I know I could never have got this far without her positivity and encouragement. It works! Just like she said it would and me and my body are friends again.

Katy Warwick, Mum to William and Poppy.


Kirsty’s add on!

To those who come to any of the TWK classes you will probably know Katy. Katy comes to Postnatal Parkfit, Fitball and Parkfit!

All of us at Postnatal Parkfit are in awe of  how she comes every week with William and Poppy (rain or shine) and manages to run around the park pushing the buggy and keeping the children entertained.

Exercise has become a huge part of Katy’s life, she feels good and has more energy to live her life to the full in the true ‘Katy’ way. One day, Katy ran from her home to meet me for a PT session. It was usually a walk/ jog and that day something had ‘clicked’ and she had managed to run all the way and had felt good all the way. This was quite an emtional moment as Poppy was only a few months old and Katy had been so keen to get her fitness back, and woohay, there it was! From ithen on, continued to get stronger and fitter.

In Katy’s postnatal fitness routine she started off with gentle strengthening and conditioning at Fitball, taking the lower levels of options in the class and has built herself up to be able to choose the more advanced moves. Katy attended Postnatal Parkfit on Mondays in the park and started off powerwalking then built up to jog / walk and now you see her zooming around the park!

For anyone reading this, be motivated by Katy’s journey, it has not been easy, she has had ups and downs and now that the weight goal and fitness goal has been reached we are definately on a UP! We can all get back on the fitness journey, text me, email me, call me to see how you can get involved. The biggest advice from me to you is to start slow and work up by adding the building blobks week by week.

Thank you for reading,

Kirsty 🙂


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