I felt fat, depressed and hated my figure.

Kirsty is wonderful. Before meeting her I felt fat, depressed and hated my figure. After 6 weeks of fitball classes my core was toning up and I felt fabulous. I hated exercise and need motivation and Kirsty was the driving force that made me feel good about myself and that was no mean feat! I am looking forward to Christmas knowing that I can get back to personal training sessions in the new year and she can whip my butt into shape (literally!)
Victoria Seyworth, November 2011
Since writing the above, Vic has achieved so much with her fitness. Here she is sharing her journey with you. Be inspired by this determined mum! Vic juggles being a professional at work, being a mum and a wife…and she has now found time for exercise. When we first met, this was the thing that seemed impossible – to find TIME to exercise, and her she is training three times a week plus carrying her own power walks in her lunch hour. Thank YOUVic for letting me in to support you, you are self motivated to exercise now and you enjoy it. You are inspiration to all those who can never find the time to exercise. Read and be inspired….
Kirsty 🙂
Having taken up, and loved, Kirsty’s fitball sessions since last year, I decided I wanted to extend my exercise levels and focus on strengthening and toning specific areas of my body.  Instead of joining a gym I would go to once in a blue moon, I decided to book in with Kirsty for personal training sessions once a week.  There are four of us who work in pairs during the session and it is fantastic.  Not only do we get one on one time and encouragement from Kirsty, we get to see each other strengthening and developing over the weeks.  Kirsty’s personal training sessions are a great, focussed, personalised and sweat inducing workout, but I also come out with a smile on my face!
I was then encouraged by a friend to try out parkfit.  I have always hated running and thought parkfit was just a run around in the park, but I am now on my second week with Dan on a Sunday and looking forward to the next one already.  It caters for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and I am enjoying the challenge of pushing myself to do things I don’t like.  It’s not all running, it’s mixed up with strengthening and toning exercises and I can’t think of a more virtuous way to spend a Sunday morning with a great group of people than that!  I would highly recommend giving it a try.  I didn’t think i’d last a whole session but I did and am now looking forward to developing my fitness levels and combining it with fitball, personal training and a healthy diet, to reach my weight and fitness goals.
If someone would have told me this time last year, I would be doing an exercise class, personal training once a week and parkfit on a Sunday morning and actually looking forward to it, I would have laughed at them, but Kirsty has changed the way I feel about exercise, my body, my fitness and my attitude.  Thank you Kirsty x
From Vic, April 2012

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