Before I met Kirsty I never made time for myself…

I can’t quiet believe that I’ve been training with Kirsty for 10 weeks already!! I have 2 children aged 2 & 3, they are 11 months apart & keep me extremely busy as well as working 2 days as week as a PCSO.
 Before I met Kirsty I never made time for myself & felt fat & generally miserable & I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I now actually enjoy making ‘me time’ to do exercise:)
 I had my 1st PT session back on the 30th January but due to my circumstances I was unable to continue and was really disappointed but Kirsty was quick to give me suggestions on what to do instead. So I started Fitball on a Monday night with Mareike, which is amazing I found muscles that I never knew existed and my core gets stronger & stronger each week & I can now hold a plank for a whole minute which is amazing!!

I also go to Sunday Parkfit with Dan, I suffer with asthma & it gets worse when I exercise, thanks to Dan’s interval training & cardio work, I haven’t had to use my inhaler & can control my breathing  which is amazing as before I would be on my inhaler continuously when I worked to a level that would get me out of breath & would struggle to breath.
  I love to get out for a power-walk or jog every morning with my dog even if its just a quick mile before my husband leaves for work it clears my head & sets me up for the day.
 Kirsty is amazing, she is always on the end of the phone and will text back with motivational words when I have been out for a jog/walk, no matter how long it took:)
 I know I’m only 10 weeks in but i can definitely see a difference in my fitness levels & I enjoy pushing myself to get better. I still have a long way to go with my weight & fitness but would secretly love to do a 10K run again well not so secret now & I’m sure Kirsty will help me get there!!

Liz Dean, Mum of 2, Wife and PCSO.


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