Is Chocolate Healthy!?

One of my lovely clients forwarded me the newspaper link about how chocolate is healthy for you!

I did find it an interesting read…!

However, it made me think about how obsessed we get about food. One minute, chocolate is good for us then I seem to remember someone saying that fast food was not really that bad either ?!?!

If we have a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine then surely we will all stay slim, healthy and happy …hmmm! Wouldn’t it be great if that was the case.

There are so many people out there that work so hard at their fitness and are still battling with weight, it could be a number of reasons, for example hormones, metabolism, underlying illness. These are the people that I really commend. The fitness enthusiast that returns to the gym week after week, battling with the scales.

Whether or not Choc is good for us, we know that too much of one thing is never good. A good balanced diet is the way forward, the dietary intake that is right for your blood type, your body type. The diet mantains and increases your health.

My son is lactose intolerant and I know that he is healthier and happier when he does not have cow’s milk, our bodies are all different. Listen to your body to know what is right for you.

Be healthy, eat well and be happy…

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