I’ve lost my next stone in weight….


8 weeks on from my last journey story…….. Since starting my training back on the 30th January(18wks ago) with Kirtsy i’ve lost my next stone in weight which takes me to a grand total of 4 stone lost over the last 2 years, i’m so pleased with myself for sticking to it & i feel great for it. I  can honestly say that the last stone has been the most enjoyable, i joined Slimming World, met Kirsty & now I love exercise:) I attend Fitball on a Monday with Mareike & Sunday Parkfit with Dan, I now do a 2 mile hill climb once a week, I run 1 mile down hill then run (attempt to) the mile back to the top its hard work but i better my time each attempt which is very satisfing. I also have my running up to 5k which is just amazing i never thought in a million years that would ever happen as i’ve always said i’m not made to run, i’ve also entered the 10k Evesham Vale Run on the 8th July. My Chocolate Labrador is looking great too as she is out running or walking with me every day & loves it, she gets very excited when she sees me with my trainers on even when its pouring with rain!!!!
I would like to loose another 3 stone but would be very happy if being a size 12 came first. Once i’ve run my 10k run i will be looking at setting myself some new goals with my fitness.


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