A few tips for running in the dark…

These are just my personal thoughts about running in the dark. So many of us are put off running at the moment outside in the dark evenings – if you can’t find a way to get out before daylight ends or get to a treadmill or fitness class, here you go! Here are a few tips – just be careful if you do go out in the dark and hopefully some of these little points may help. I am sure there are many more suggestions we could add to the list. Email me info@trainwithkirsty.co.uk if you would like to add them. Here goes…

Run with a Buddy – this is the best way to feel safe – to have some company. To find a buddy, chat to people and let them know that you enjoy to run, but are keen for a partner – there are so many people out there who would like a partner to run with. If you are coming along to any of the #befitlovefit sessions, chat to people and see if you can arrange a mutual time and place to go for a run.

Wear reflective  high visibility clothing – this could be a be a t shirt, vest, jacket etc. Also, a headlamp would help. (All can be found at Up and Running in Cheltenham).

Don’t listen to music or turn the volume down! I know most of us like to listen to music when we are running – however, be aware of the volume so you can hear oncoming traffic, bikes, other runners and pedestrians.

Keep to well lit residential areas that you know.

Stay away from solitary lanes.

Plan your route – use mapmyrun or mapometer online to work out exactly where you are going.

Tell someone at home your route and what time you hope to be back- so if you need them for any reason, they can hop in the car to get you.

Vary your routes and times of day that you run.

Take a phone with you.

If you feel nervous, take an alarm with you.

Always run against the traffic (so the traffic is coming towards you) so the cars can be you and your hi-visibility clothing clearly

Run on the pavement – it may sounds silly to say, but I see lots of runners running on the road to avoid the natural ‘ups and downs’ of pavements!

FINALLY – trust your gut! If you feel threatened at any time, go to a safe and well lit place and ring someone at home.

These are just my thoughts to share with you. Running in the dark evenings is certainly not for everyone, but for some, the evening is the only time you can get out there. I have had so many people say to me in the past few weeks that they are so keen to get out to run, but nervous about the dark. Personally, I do run in the dark, but I am careful and always tell my husband where I am going. Tonight I ran for an extra mile and he rang me to find out where I was. Running with a buddy is the best thing you can do – if you don’t have anyone to run with, tell Kirsty and she can try to hook you up or just keep telling people and soon enough you will have a bank of running friends!

Kirsty 🙂



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