Parkfit – 10 sessions for only £50

A sociable outdoor fitness class in Pittville Park for weight loss and strengthening. All fitness levels welcome. Sign up NOW for new weekend and soon to start evening Spring classes.

Email for a booking form.

We meet at Pitville Pump Rooms, where there is free parking. The sessions will comprise of a range of CV and body strengthening activities.

I am pleased to invite Daniel Thomas and Mareike Schmidt to ‘Train with Kirsty’ as Parkfit Instructors. The following Parkfit classes will be available:

Monday 1pm – 2pm Postnatal Parkfit (with buggies)- Instructor Kirsty

Saturday 9am – 10am Parkfit (all fitnes level)- Instructor – Kirsty / Mareike

Sunday 9:30am – 10:30am Parkfit (all levels) Instructor – Instructor Dan


COST : £50 for 10 sessions. PAYGo £6  session. Email for a booking form.

BEGINNERS This is a great session for beginners to running as the running is interval based so you are not continiously running. You will feel your fitness develop week by week and you are able to run for longer and longer and faster and faster as weeks go by.

INTERMEDIATE Start to strengthen your running form in really starting to increase pace as you power up the hills and increase your time holding squats and planks. Feel motivated by feeling less breathless as weeks go by and the ablity to push yourself. Your body shape will start to change and weight will be lost as you supplement the session with some short steady runs from 10 to 20 minutes.

ADVANCED The ultimate interval session and body strengthening all in one hour. Increase your strength and endurance by taking yourself to a high intensity, recovering, then taking yourself back up to the high intensity again and repeating this multiple times.

Photos from a Charity Parkfit raising funds for Winston’s Wish where children were invited. We hope to have more of these sessions where children can come along.

Short sharp sprints

Parkfit Interval Training

Cone drills


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