MONDAYS 1PM – 2PM (with buggies) FRIDAYS 9:30AM – 10:30AM SATURDAY 9AM – 10AM

meeting point: Pittville Pump Rooms, PittvillePark, Cheltenham

How I love teaching and being part of Parkfit! This term we have waved goodbye to the very love Vikki, who led the Friday Parkfit session and we have welcomed Anna to come and teach the session. Last week was her first week and the group are looking forward to further sessions until Vikki returns.

Thank you to everyone for keeping with us when the weather has been cold and drab. Even the weather may not have be great, the atmosphere has always been vibrant and upbeat….unless we use the word BURPEES!

So, next term! We will start week beginning Monday 8th April and run two half term blocks, 8 weeks followed by 8 weeks, then we will break for the summer holidays…unless there is the want for a Parkfit in the holidays. I do hope to start an evening Parkfit when the evenings get lighter – this is always a great session and lovely to be in the park as the sun sets.

The next block starts from Wk Beg Monday 8th April:

Termly Payment 16 sessions @£4.50 per session = £80

Half Termly Payment 8 sessions @£5 per session = £40

4 sessions 4 sessions @6 per session = £24

Pay As You Go = £7

The prices have increased slightly ,so that we can keep numbers to 8 – 15 persons in a session. This is from the feedback I have had from when sessions have had too many people in. To ensure you get value for money, make sure you use up all your sessions in your block, and if there is a particular reason you can’t make it, let me know and I am sure we can work something out. Also, if you know in advance that you cannot make some sessions, then we can work it that you pay for the sessions you can make.

If you miss a session, please come and join in a Tuesday Blast and Stretch or any Parkfit sessions (Monday 1pm with Buggies, Friday 9:30am or Saturday 9am). It doesn’t need to be that week, just within the block that you paid.
Thank you again for all your efforts. Please scroll down to find out about the other classes on offer. PLEASE let me know asap whether or not you would like to continue a session or perhaps join a new one. Let your friends know about the sessions – feel free to pass this email on to everyone and anyone! IF A FRIEND DOES SIGN UP then let me know and we will arrange a discount, so that you get a class free.


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