Postnatal Parkfit – the session!

It was hot, hot, hot today in the Park for Postnatal Parkfit. So what do we do at Postnatal Parkfit?

The objective of every session is to strengthen our bodies and  to slowly develop our cardiovascular fitness. There is always a range of abilities from the power walker to the runner.

Today’s session started off with a gentle jog followed by a stretch (this is what I call a ‘chatty jog’ and the girls jump at the chance of having a catch up with the other mums).

We then started our conditioning by working on our legs! During pregnancy, our legs and joints are put under more pressure through added baby weight we carry, the production of relaxin loosening our joints. We want to re strengthen to avoid injury or unecessary pain. The group starts off with some walking lunges, followed by static lunges and then at intermitted intervals throughout the remainder of the session we return to an array of squats and lunges to target the legs.

After some leg work, we went to power walk/jog/run! Intervals are a great way to burn calories – everything is done at your own level, from power walking to running. An ideal way to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Then as we journey about the park, we focus on strengthening our core and our arms using resistance bands, body weight and the buggies!

This session is designed to meet the needs of Postnatal Mums – for the beginners to fitness to the fitness enthusuastic giving everyone the oportunity to train safely and to enjoy it!

Come and join us in the Park on a Monday at 1pm!

Contact Kirsty 07787 406 552 for more details 🙂



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