Runner’s Warm Up Dynamic Stretches

Here are a couple dynamic (moving) stretches for you to do before you run!

1 – Hamstring Stretch & Hip Mobiliser

  • Stand upright, sideways on to a wall
  • Keep your weight on the leg furthest from the wall, and balance with your hand closest to the wall
  • Swing your non-standing leg backwards and forwards 15 times
  • Repeat for other leg

2 – Hip Adductor Mobilisation, Gluteal and Iliotibial Band (ITB)

  • Place both hands on wall and lean slightly forward
  • Swing right leg to the left, across your body, pointing your toes in the air as they reach the furthest point of motion
  • Swing the leg back across your body and as far to the right as is comfortable, again pointing toes upwards as they reach the highest point.
  • Repeat 15 times (one movement from left to right equals one repetition) and do the same on the other leg

3 – Knee lift and Hip Rotation

  • Stand on one leg, supporting yourself on a wall or friend if necessary.
  • Raise your non-standing knee directly upwards to hip height.
  • Keeping your knee at hip height, move outwards as far as comfortable then slowly lower to the ground
  • Repeat 15 times, then do the same with your other leg

4 – Iliotibial Band and Obliques stretch

  • Stand with your legs crossed with the feet close together. Start with the left leg behind the right.
  • Raise your right arm so it is pointing straight up.
  • Gently stretch to the left, without leaning forwards or backwards. Hold for 20 seconds
  • Repeat, starting with right leg behind, raising left arm and stretching to the right.

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