Sharing some different nutritional lifestyles…

WHICH DIET ARE YOU TRYING OR NOT TRYING? I am really interested in the ‘diets / nutritional lifestyles’ which everyone have been following – in each of the TWK sessions I am hearing about a range of ‘diets’ which people are trying out. For some people it is better to follow a step by step plan and for others – they like to mix and match and others may be happy keeping a balanced diet. I would love to hear from you to find about what has worked and not worked from you – which diets perhaps stop you having temptations and which do. If you would like to share any – then please do email me and with your permission I would like to share your thoughts with others.


Victoria Seyforth – Vic has been following a low GI diet and has written a blog! Read up on her diet and how she has been doing and what she has been eating. It is really motivating and gives you the feel god factor! xxx

Catherine Reese Image Confident : I like a strict you can eat only this diet. Anything with points or sins and I hang myself lol. Have recently cut out all wheat, dairy and sugar and feel great xxx

Joanna Johnston : I did the Harcombe diet last summer. Lost 23 lbs and kept it off for 6 months. ( except a weeny bit over Xmas). No processed food, limited dairy and very low carbs.

Danella Mercati:  I try and eat a healthy balanced diet and all things naughty in moderation – can’t deny anything as it becomes too big a temptation! I up my exercise if I’m eating too much so my advice would be more work-outs with Kirsty to keep the balance.

Kate Knight: Just starting day 3 of the Dukan Diet, rather extreme phase 1 with only protein eaten but 1st weigh in this morning, have lost 2lbs. Enough motivation to keep it up for the full 7 days?????

@carousel     less in mouth and more exercise diet x


Name of the diet: I’m not following a specific diet. I’m just trying to eat less

Why you chose this diet:
My husband also wants to lose weight and this is the easiest way to help him. He hates diets! Also it just seems the most sustainable and sensible thing long term. Having suffered from depression since having kids I was keen to eat well (for body AND soul!) so didn’t want to cut out good fats or carbs (or food that I like!) All the advice I’ve read about diet and depression says not to ditch carbs. We just eat less carbs in the evening and loads of veg. We’re using smaller plates too. 

How much effort does it need for the shopping, cooking etc? 

None!  Last night we had pie and chips. Just a little bit of pastry on top and a couple of chunky chips with more veg. 

What was your goal and have you started to reach it?

I’d like to lose 10 pounds. I’ve lost 4 in 2 weeks. 

Can you continue some of the aspects of the diet in daily lifestyle

Totally! As I’m just eating less (and avoiding cakes and cappuccinos, apart from the occasional treat)



Name of the diet: I don’t know the name of this “diet”, but it was suggested to me by a personal trainer I was seeing several years ago. It made sense to me & supported my goals. I try to stick to several small meals a day consisting of a lean protein (chicken, turkey, egg whites, etc), complex carb (sweet potato, brown rice, oatmeal, etc), a green vegetable (brocolli, spinach, asparagus, etc) or a fruit (apple, berries, etc) & a healthy fat (egg yolk, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, etc). I try to stick to small portions. I avoid alcohol & sugar the majority of times (saving them for special occasions). I try not to eat past 7 or 8pm. (Of course, I am not rigid! I do eat out occasionally! But, I do try to stick to this meal plan as often as I can.)

Why you chose this diet: At the time, I was looking to drop a little body fat & build lean muscle. (This is still my goal.)

How much effort does it need for the shopping, cooking etc?: There is definitely time involved in creating healthy meal plans, shopping & preparing my meals. I do try to buy in bulk. Sometimes, I use frozen vegetables/fruit to save time. I also try to cook in bulk. For example, on Sunday I’ll cook several chicken breasts, hard boil some eggs, make some turkey burgers, bake a tray of sweet potatoes, boil some brown rice, make some overnight oats & steam plenty of veggies for the days/week ahead. I try to prepare & portion my meals into containers in advance so they’re ready to go. I will also freeze leftovers.

What was your goal and have you started to reach it?: I stated my goal above &, yes, I achieved it. But, I am always trying to maintain the results of my hard work & not let unwanted pounds creep on!

Can you continue some of the aspects of the diet in daily lifestyle?: I can continue this lifestyle (& plan to). It is definitely “work” & requires some planning & prep. Having a network of people who respect & understand this lifestyle definitely helps! I have to admit, I’ve found many people (in this country) rather unsupportive of the way I eat or have given me strange looks (if I politely decline a drink or a dessert). It may seem restrictive to some but, for me, eating this way makes me very happy, supports my active lifestyle & my goals, feeds my body, increases my self-esteem & my sense of well-being.




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