Thank you ever so much for kick-starting my fitness regime again

Lovely words from Poppy Jenkins, mummy to baby Lexi 🙂

Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for kick-starting my fitness regime again. I have always struggled to keep motivation with gyms and find exercise classes intimidating but I’ve really enjoyed working with you. The key now will be keeping it up once I go back to work…


I met Poppy at The Baby Journey ( at a Post Natal event for new mums. Poppy started having some Personal Training sessions with her friend and they both brought their babies with them. We started off using the Vibrogym, a fabulous peice of equipment to strengthen and stretch post natal bodies. As the new mums, felt stronger and fitter we moved on to incorporating more cardio in to the workout using the cardio machine, kettlebells, TRX etc. Strengthening the bodies was intially our aim, and now the mums have developed a lifestyle incorporating exercise in to their weekly routine, they are enjoying it and they feel good about themselves. The next challenge is keeping it up with the transition back to work!



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