The Summer of 2012 has past!

The Summer of 2012 has passed and here we are now looking forward to cosy nights in after a chilly run out on roads, Parkfit in all the elements and of course Fitball in the lovely surroundings at Chapel Spa – candles and warmth!

We have had a busy summer of Personal Training at Chapel Spa and Up and Running at The Personal Training Studio.

At Chapel Spa, clients have been practicing fitness boxing skills,kettle bells, TRX and free weights plus the use of the cardioi vascular machines for High Intensity Interval Training. We have kept sessions varied in order to target the whole body and to strengthen and tone, to develop posture, to strengthen core, to become a stronger runner ….and the list goes n. We all keep fit for a varying of reasons but we all want to do it in the correct manner and one which is efficient and worthwhile. This is where Personal Training has been invaluable to the clients.

For special offers at Chapel Spa and the treatments they offer see 🙂

At ‘The Personal Training Studio’, I have met many mums with babies this summer! The new mums come in to the studio with the baby. I am able to train the mum while the baby sleeps, or perhaps sits on a play mat and is entertained by the surroundings or myself! The Vibrogym has been a great starting point for postnatal clients or clients who are starting out on a fitness journey or perhaps returning. For more information about the Vibrogym, see

The AlterG treadmill at The Personal Training Studio has been that stepping stone to running outside.  This is weightless running! What?! I hear you say? Yes, you can run at a percent of your body weight so you feel very light and can run longer and faster than you would outside on the roads. Come and give it a gol or see it in action – ring Kirsty 07787 406 552 for more information. For more information on the AlterG treadmill see

Fitball and Parkfit classes have continued to be busy throughout the summer and we hmartini signed a full timetable, so a huge well done to everyone asimpost classes stop over the summer months. I feel very proud of all those clients who came along to sessions throughout the summer, thank you very much and well done.

We have quite a few people doing events, well done to those people! Please email me your finishing photos to share on the website! Here’s to getting some t shirts done and running as a team.


As October is here we start to look forward to some more events and everyone carrying on their fitness journeys. Share with us your experiences of Train with Kirsty, Parkfit and Fitball. Just think you may motivate someone else or give them the confidence to trysomething new and change their life 🙂



Kirsty 🙂



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