TWK Spring Fit Tips

Now that Spring is here, we are all starting to think about getting fit and where to start! So many people are asking me how to start and how to get in to a routine. Here are a few little tips for you…

1. Think about what you want to achieve in the next couple of months – be realistic!

Think about what you can do now and realistically what you can achieve in the next couple of months. Taking small steps is the way forward and not to rush as this can cause injury and if you don’t achieve, then de motivation. Some goals may be to jog a mile without stopping, to cycle 10k or maybe to complete an event such as the Race for Life (5k or 10k) or a triathlon. Last year my goal was initially to get in to a routine of regular runs, then to complete a half marathon, and then it was to complete a marathon.

  1. How much time can you set aside to achieving your goal?

It may be that you have all the time in the world to train, if so, this section may not be applicable to you – but you don’t want to over train so read on! As a mother a two pre school children, I know how difficult it is to arrange time for yourself to train! Smart training is the way forward! Instead of going to do the gym and pottering along on the CV machines then aimlessly hopping from ab curls to leg extensions  (or perhaps completely shying away from the resistance) make sure you have a weekly plan to follow. This may comprise of perhaps 2 x CV interval sessions and 1 – 2 CV continuous CV sessions plus topping up with 2 – 3 resistance sessions. If you need a smart weekly plan then Kirsty can support you.

  1. Keep it ALIVE!

Keep yourself motivated by changing the environment you train in. I love the combination of Parkfit outside inPittvillePark, in the fresh air and all weathers focusing on CV fitness and in complete contrast the relaxing ambience of Fitball Body Conditioning at Chapel Spa, where we really concentrate on strengthening and stretching. You could mix up your training though trying Parkfit or Fitball or perhaps try a new class, join a walking / jogging / running club (I would highly recommend Almost Athletes for all running levels).

  1. Test yourself!

When you start, set yourself some short challenges which are related to your goal. For example, if you want to run 10k in under an hour then see how long it takes you to run 5k or even 2.5k. Then test yourself 6 weeks later to see your progress.

5. Get into a routine and stick to it!

So many of us have a great start, and then some life event happens and we get out of the routine. Make sure you stay in the routine for at least 6 weeks and give it a good shot. Think about who can support you, it may be family or perhaps a friend to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you are finding it too hard at first, then perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard, give your body a chance and ease of the training so that you are still getting results but not finding it so hard!


Most importantly is to enjoy it! It may not always be fun at the time, but afterwards you should feel good. There are times when I am out running wondering to myself why I am doing it, but as my times are getting quicker and I feel stronger, it makes it all worthwhile!

 More fitness information / tips and classes at

Check out Parkfit and Fitball classes – a great combination of CV outdoors and strengthening in the relaxed ambience of the lovely Chapel Spa…

Hope to see you soon,

Kirsty 🙂