TWK’s Tips for Running Beginners!

So, how many of you have always wanted to run, but just feel that you can’t! Or perhaps you have always longingly looked at the runners on the roads on those lovely sunny days. Or perhaps, you have never wanted to run but you know that it is cheap, good for you and easy to pop on a pair of (good, well fitted) running trainers and go out the door!

At TWK Fitness we are trying to bring the running dream to life for people with the ‘Learn to Run’ courses.

Here are a few tips to get you going…

1. Kit yourself out in the right gear. Up and Running will discount 10% off your bill for a good, well fitted pair of trainers and any running apparel you require – I would strongly recommend, ladies, that you have a good sports bra!

2. Start slow – after I had my children, I took my running right back to the beginnning and walked and jogged to develop my base level of fitness again.

3. If necessary, seek a GP’s advice before starting an exercise programme of any kind.

4. Have a good 5 – 10 minute warm up and warm down including stretching and mobilisation of the joints. 

4. If you feel out of breath, dizzy or nauseous then stop. Go home and get a drink and something to eat, then contact me for some support as what to do next, it may be that you need to see you GP or start with a low impact form of exercise.

5. Breathing – long, deep breaths and exhale fully and more powerfully than the inhale.

6. Start with walking for 1 minute and jogging for 1 minute. As the jogging becomes easier, then increase the duration of jogging to 30 seconds longer (only increment the duration after a week).

7. Attend a Learn to Run or Parkfit session for more information on any of the above.


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