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Thank you to everyone who has shared Fitness Journeys. It is a privilege to work with you all. It is wonderful to see so many people enjoying exercise in a friendly, enjoyable environment. In every session, we want to get to know everyone who attends so we know their fitness goals and challenges so we can personalise the class to you. When you come to see us, you are a NAME not a number 🙂




Hi Kirsty,

I have just returned from my first experience of Beginners Parkfit. I loved it, and for the first time in a long while feel I have actually exercised correctly and therefore want to carry on. Thank you again for introducing me to a much more fun way to exercise.

Jeanette Crumpton




Thanks for giving me the tools to make a difference to my health. Most people who know me wouldn’t have expected me to sign up to Fitball, let alone Parkfit! I’m feeling better for the exercise and also the group friendship (yoga lessons which are the only exercise I have kept up regularly are done in near silence!).

Ali :


2k in ten minutes on the alter G…yay I can run faster than a snail. Thanks for pushing me ..

Jackie Herbert Valentine


All post natal women should go to Parkfit!

Photo: A few of us at Pushy Parkfit with our fantastic personal trainer.




Another great parkfit session despite a bit of rain — feeling great!

Kate Knight


I began training with Kirsty, July last year. It all began with a personal training session on a late Sunday evening at the gym in Cheltenham. As an adult I had struggled with exercise and my obsession with junk food and fizzy drinks. When I met Kirsty my baby was 9 months old. After the birth I lost a considerable amount of weight and was beginning to feel like my younger self. The main reason for the weight loss was stress and a near complete loss of appetite, as my baby was premature. But come the summer my stress levels were very low and my appetite was back with a serious bad attitude and the pounds piled up.I really enjoyed our session, I immediately got on with Kirsty. A lovely kind lady who knows how to make you exercise without feeling self conscious. At this point I was very aware of my weight gain and was self-conscious.

The following day I went to a Pushy Parkfit session. It was a lovely group of ladies and I was definately unfit but the morale in the group was so upbeat I didn’t even notice.

The Pushy Parkfit and Personal Training became my routine. I have made friends from Pushy Parkfit and it was great having a place to go each week where you can workout with your baby and friends and have a really good natter and good time.A year later I still see Kirsty every week and I really enjoy it. Not only the session but spending time with Kirsty. Since last July, everything about my health has changed. At first it was a weight loss obsession. But I’ve learnt to change my lifestyle. Junk has been cast out of my life, only because I don’t want to it eat anymore and food is so much more pleasurable now.Kirsty has really helped and encouraged me and always been there for m,Thank you Kirsty !

Sunny Sanghera


Great tweet
@jude_letsparty: Blast&stretch was a blast, great to be back, and my 1st time on the vibrogym, woo hoo, that was funny @trainwithkirsty


The sessions are really good, a good mix of running/toning/stretching.  I’m not a runner so did find the running a bit of a challenge to start with, I think it’s good to let people know that they can go at their own pace until they get their fitness levels up and to keep encouraging them to say they’re doing well (appreciate you also need to push them a bit)  This is another area that I think you’re really great at, encouraging people to do more without feeling you’re being told off.  I really enjoy going to the sessions as it’s good to meet other mums too.

Suzy Robers  mum to Baby Jacob



Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for kick-starting my fitness regime again. I have always struggled to keep motivation with gyms and find exercise classes intimidating but I’ve really enjoyed working with you. The key now will be keeping it up once I go back to work…

Poppy Jenkins


Intense workout in the rain today, but we all coped well. We are well arrrrrd!!!

Photo: Intense workout in the rain today, but we all coped well. We are well arrrrrd.

Emma Jayne


It was a great class last night! Love the TRX and my first experience of the Vibro gym:-)

Marie Flower



I was really ill at the beginning of my pregnancy and lost over a stone and with that went my strength, stamina and confidence. The birth really took it out of me and I felt very weak after. As soon as I could I started going to pushy parkfit and I could only really walk with a little jogging, but week by week my strength and stamina are slowly coming back, and now I can do hill sprints! I love going on a Monday to pittville park it’s a great way to start the week and what ever the weather, wind, rain, sun and snow Kirsty makes it so much fun!!

Thanks for everything Kirsty it really has helped me so much with my confidence as well and meeting other new mums!

Claire xxxx


Great workout with Trainwith Kirsty now for a sit down and watch a bit of tennis ahead of step class later #turningintoacrazy!!!

Kate Knight



Hi Kirsty, Just a quick email to say that I will be signing up for the next one.  As you know, I’ve not set foot in a gym before and haven’t done any organised fitness since before Annabel was born so it was with great trepidation, and after lots of encouragement, I arrived at my first blast and stretch session.  Now 5 weeks on, it really was worth it.  I can feel muscles in places there were none, I’ve almost got a 6 pack!!  (Well, I can feel it!)  It’s a really comfortable session, I amble there in my scruffy jog pants, and even though some of the other girls have the kit and are obviously really into their fitness, there’s no snobbery – it’s a great group.  Nathan encourages us in a gentle but thoroughly effective way – he’s very good.  I suspect he may start to push us more and more as we need it.  There have been different activities each week, I don’t think anyone can get bored.  It just keeps getting better.  Thank you Nathan, thank you Kirsty.

Jude Freeman


Brilliant being back with the pt after three weeks. A run in the anti gravity machine followed by a work out in the vibro gym…feels amazing! — with Trainwith Kirsty at The Gym Cheltenham.



after 37 weeks & some help from Trainwith Kirsty, I’m back in my skinny day jeans!!! Woo hoo, thank you!

Emily Stewart

Photo: Looking forward to seeing the Pushy Parkfit Thursday group at 10am today at Pittville Park :)


So today I ‘m going to have a little boast…not something I like to do but if you want some support going through weight loss and are local you need to check out Trainwith Kirsty. To date from the beginning of the year I’ve lost 8 inches from the hips, 6.5 inches from my waist all with adding healthy muscle. With a lot of time taken out due to injury…anything is possible!

Jackie Herbert Valentine



Cannot believe how much better my back feels after a half hour full on stretching session ….thank you Trainwith Kirsty.


Before having my baby I was very active and fit but during my pregnancy I didn’t have the energy to exercise and my fitness declined. After giving birth fitness was the last thing on my mind until my friend invited me along to a parkfit session with Kirsty. I tried to talk myself out of going to the session but in the end decided to go along. Before the session I was quite nervous and a little scared as I hadn’t ran or done any exercise for the past year. Anyway I arrived at the session and I couldn’t believe how friendly and chilled out everyone was. Kirsty is lovely and the perfect postnatal trainer. She has had kids herself so understands exactly how you feel after having a baby. What I love about the sessions is there is no pressure to do anything  you don’t want to do, there is always a hard and easy option and Kirsty is always there to help you out and rock the babies should they cry. Parkfit has definitely helped me get fit again and lose the majority of my baby weight and has helped me regain my confidence about exercising. It’s a great excuse to get out with your baby and keep fit at the same time. The babies love it and it’s also a great social event and a good way to meet friends. I would recommend it to all new mums who enjoying exercising and being outdoors. Give it a try you might just love it like I do.


Emma Richardson


Well, it turns out that although the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, she’s not yet ready for the glue factory after all. Thanks for the great workout this AM, Trainwith Kirsty! I know I can get back in form with your guidance.

Natalie Schmidt


I have been going to Parkfit since September last year and it has made a world of difference to my life. When I was pregnant with my twins I was not able to do any exercise. I had no energy and low blood pressure. I gave myself some time to recover and then decided I had to do something to get fit again. When I first started I could not run very far without getting out of breath but now I can run a lot further and know my limitations. What I really like about Parkfit is being able to exercise in the fresh air and being with other people who enjoy it too.

I love getting up on a Saturday morning and running through Pittville Park whatever the weather. I love that every week is completely different. It is a mixture of cardio, interval training and running. It helps that I have a really good instructor in Kirsty who is always there to help and motivate me whether it be with my diet or fitness goals. I have made some changes to my diet which have really benefited me.

Since joining I have done a couple of small charity runs. I have just signed up to do the 10K Trailblazer run in the Forest of Dean and hoping to do the Race For Life in July. I would recommend Parkfit to anyone as I really love it.

Sarah Edgeworth


Just ran properly for the first time in weeks…did 5k in 39 mins…not bad for a women with a dodgy ankle. Not about times now just about building up another five in time for Sunday!!

Jackie Herbert Valentine


Four short weeks ago I decided enough was enough and needed to get control of my diet and lose a serious amount of weight.  I’ve been here many times before but this time it felt different.  After 2 weeks of steady weight loss I plucked up the courage to… contact Kirsty to get control of my fitness along with the diet.  Having done no exercise for more than 15 years this was a daunting thought.  Within 2 weeks I have not only met, signed up and trained with Kirsty but have also joined a gym to keep it going in between sessions.  If someone had told me 4 weeks ago that I would be able to manage half an hour of full on exercise let alone go to a gym alone I would have told them they were mad.  Kirsty has given me the confidence, support and encouragement to know that I can get fit. Her nurturing manner pushes me to a level I wouldn’t get to alone.  With still a long way to go, I now KNOW I will get there!!

Kate Knight



I started with a Pushy Parkfit session & loved it … It was tough of course as I was carrying weight & felt very unfit but as the concept is designed for new mums just like I was – it was perfect ! Firstly, it was brilliant being able to take baby along while you do various circuits & exercises in the beautiful outdoor setting of the park …

You can take the activities completely at your own pace  – early days I was power walking when others ran – we do squats, lunges, ab works, bits of interval training – arm & back exercises – in all, a type of circuit training for new mums! I thoroughly enjoyed the group banter & lighthearted atmosphere – Kirsty has a wonderful way of encouraging you but not making you feel awkward or uncomfortable – having been a mum twice before she fully appreciates what it’s like to get active again after childbearing! I was then hooked & hugely enthused by Kirsty’s infectious training techniques I signed up for some personal training sessions with her twice a week at the fabulous facility run by Dan Fivey – ‘The Personal Training Studio’ above Up & Running.  Its a great location with parking directly opposite – the studio uses Vibrogyms – many other fun, out of the ordinary training methods & has a great atmosphere. Most importantly babies get to come too. My little girl happily sits on the gym mat playing with her toys or watching us train – fantastic. Now Kirsty runs a Thursday pushy Patkfit I do that too! So that’s four really awesome sessions I do with  her every week and I absolutely love it! Kirsty helps with food dairies  & weigh ins too so you get a whole package & lots of support in your mission… I love it have a lot to thank her for! Im pleased to say I have now got back into my old clothes,  finding all the exercise addictive & so much easier … I even had 3 compliments from the girls at yesterday’s Pushy Parkfit regarding my shape change since I started – get in!! Thanks Kirsty …..

Kerry Wyllie

Photo: Off to run around the park with some fab mums n babes :)


8 weeks on from my last journey story…….. Since starting my training back on the 30th January(18wks ago) with Kirsty i’ve lost my next stone in weight which takes me to a grand total of 4 stone lost over the last 2 years, I’m so pleased with myself for sticking to it & i feel great for it. I can honestly say that the last stone has been the most enjoyable, i joined Slimming World, met Kirsty & now I love exercise:) I attend Fitball on a Monday with Mareike & Sunday Parkfit with Dan, I now do a 2 mile hill climb once a week, I run 1 mile down hill then run (attempt to) the mile back to the top its hard work but i better my time each attempt which is very satisfing. I also have my running up to 5k which is just amazing i never thought in a million years that would ever happen as i’ve always said i’m not made to run, i’ve also entered the 10k Evesham Vale Run on the 8th July. My Chocolate Labrador is looking great too as she is out running or walking with me every day & loves it, she gets very excited when she sees me with my trainers on even when its pouring with rain!!!!
I would like to loose another 3 stone but would be very happy if being a size 12 came first. Once i’ve run my 10k run i will be looking at setting myself some new goals with my fitness.

Liz Dean


Judging by the way by glutes feel this morning I’m guessing I did the lunge things correctly yesterday Trainwith Kirstyfeeling sore.

Kate Knight



Great way to start the day!.. Fun enjoyable yet hard at the same time!.. ( no pain no gain) 🙂

Caroline Mahoney



Time to get fit again and lose this baby weight – Trainwith Kirsty I’ll be seeing you at 10am!

Abi Morgan


Final dress fitting today- cant wait feeling super slender with help from Trainwith Kirsty!



So I’m doing Miami park fit styleeeeee. Running along ocean drive followed by Parkfit moves – planks, sit ups, lunges and duck walking on the greenery. THANK YOU for giving me the tools! — with Trainwith Kirsty

Harriet King


Just want to say thank you to everyone who has expressed kind words re my new healthy eating and fitness. First official week and weigh in…despite having fish & chips and a roast with cheesecake at the weekend… I’ve lost 5lb! — with Trainwith Kirsty.




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