Why Run? Share YOUR reason to run…

So WHY do we run? What drives us to put on the trainers and pound the street, the hills or perhaps the treadmill. We all have different reasons, and everyone is right. Please add a comment and share with us, WHY you run or why you did run.

Every distance is important whether it is achieving the dreaded mile or completing a 10 mile run. Share with us what has motivated you to run. Let’s see if we can get a heap of reasons from the mile runner to the marathon runner.

Kirsty’s Reasons to Run…

I run because it makes me feel good, it makes me happy and relaxed. Tonight it was raining and even though I had second thoughts, I went for my 5 mile run with the Almost Athletes, my beloved running club. I knew I would have a great catch up with Kate and Michelle, my running girls. I have come home feeling relaxed and motivated. When I run , I have time out from a hectic life – I am not a Mother or Wife, a Personal Trainer or a Business Women. I am just Kirsty with my running legs. My family are always with me in my head, but it gives me time to analyse, relax, make sense of things and to be a better person (or try to be?!).

My children know I run and they ask if they can join me when they are older. That would be the icing on the cake if one day I could go for a run with them!

Why do you run…? Add a comment below 🙂