Winston’s Wish Parkfit Review


On Sunday 26th February 2012, 25 adults and 7 children (aged 1 – 14 years old) took part in an hour of outdoor fitness in Pittville Park, Cheltenham to raise money for Winston’s Wish – a children bereavement charity.

The sessions started off with a gentle warm up and mobilisation to prepare our bodies and minds for the hour ahead. Once everyone was set and ready to go, we kicked off the session with a game of ‘Stuck in the Mud’, a game of ‘tag’! There was much fun and laughter as many adults remembered the playground game and the children ran around ducking under the arms of the tagged adults. Heart rates were raised and calories were burned!

We then continued with some cone interval drills which involved all fitness levels. Even my young son (very nearly 2 years old) could take part. There was a twist in the session in a longer sprint up a hill when the word ‘chocolate’ was announced!

The session took everyone around the park, running, jogging or walking in between the exercise stations. We focused on interval sessions where the body works hard for a short time of 30 seconds to 90 seconds and then has a rest and we repeat this again. This is an effective way to burn calories and to increase strength and fitness of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (heart and lungs) and ultimately a fantastic way to lose weight.

Fun was had by all. At the end, the children recieved a gift from Up and Running ( which is THE place in Cheltenham to purchase running trainers, clothing and accessories.

Thank you to everyone who came along and donated to Winston’s Wish. It was great have so many people there and a great mix of fitness levels egging each other on. I am looking forward to the next one already!

Another Winston’s Wish Parkfit event will be arranged in April for all the family. Sign up to the newsletter for details.

£115 was raised for Winston’s Wish and we hope to continue to raise more for this great charity as the year continues.

Cone drills

Short sharp sprints

Hill Interval Training


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