Grubby Buggy?! £5 OFF…

£5 OFF FOR TWK CLIENTS – Quote ‘Train With Kirsty’

Little ones mucky buggy or car seat making you cringe?  Your tot’s buggy can be compared to Mummy’s car.

They eat in it, sleep in it, sweat in it and more, but unlike Mum’s car, it doesn’t make a trip to the car wash for a clean & vacuum. Worse still experts have found mould and harmful germs lurking in baby gear. But, don’t panic, help out there…..

Getting a shiny & germ-free buggy’s easy with Grubby Buggy. They specialise in chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning of pushchairs, car seats, highchairs and other baby equipment…so you don’t have to.


They collect your buggy at a convenient time and deliver it back to you within 24 hours – or you get your money back! Alternatively, they are out and about at various locations in Gloucestershire offering mini-valets, including

  • Economummy on the High Street @ Beechwood Arcade (16 June)
  • Play Farm, Brewery, Cheltenham (3 May, 7 June, 5 July)
  • The Big Family Event, Dursley (21 April)


Check out their website for more dates & locations

Message from Kirsty: I saw an advert for Grubby Buggy in the local soft play, The Playfarm, and was instantly interested. This would have been great for when my little ones were younger and were in prams/buggies. Hopefully you may be able to make use of this service! Kirsty 🙂




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