Keeping us and our children active and interested!

My children are currently aged 2 years old (just) and 3 years old (nearly 4!). They are enthusiastic about most things in life and so active! At the front of our house, we have lovely big green which they run around in with their friends – they scoot, cycle, chase and generally have tireless amounts of energy.

So where does the change happen when we become less interested in running around and chasing each other. As I am now on countdown to my marathon and have achieved running 20 miles in one go, I wonder why I ever stopped running from when I was a teenager. I now eagerly look forward to my next run, whether it is with people or by myself.

‘Change’ was the thing that stopped my fitness habits. Aged 18, I went to New Zealand on a gap year. When I left I was running for my local club and representing Devon County in Athletics and Cross Country, I was avidly sailing Darts and ….my trusty Topper in gusty winds…I stopped for a year, then came back to it but not quite with the same dedication and motivation.

My other massive change on fitness habits was when I became pregnant! Before having the children, I was playing netball every week and running to maintain cardiovascular fitness. During pregnancy, I was nauseous and wish now that I had found an antenatal fitness class to make me realise that I could still exercise.

Now, I have the goal of running the Brighton Marathon in a few weeks and running distances that I never thought would be possible for my body. I feel great. I look forward to my sociable runs with the Almost Athletes on a Wednesday which challenge me.

I am motivated and inspired by all the people I work with. Who inspires you and motivates you to keep going? How can we motivate and inspire our children to keep their active and healthy lifestyle?! How can we motivate each other to get back into a routine when we have fallen off the track?





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