Meet Vikki!

I’m Vikki Clark, a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Specialist and Mum to 13month old Chloe.  My love for wellbeing and fitness started from when I had a skiing accident 12 years ago.

Before this I was not very sporty and did hardly any exercise.  I had dislocated my knee and doctors said I would need an operation if I did not strengthen my knee.  This took me to the world of a gym! I started training, had personal training and I’ve still not had that op!

Getting my fitness and strength up helped me in many areas.  My gym ran a weight management group which I decided to attend, as I had a bit of weight to lose, and from here I found my love for nutrition.  I learned how to fuel my body well and reach my fitness goals whilst still being able to enjoy life to the full.  From doing that course I lost 2 stone (5inches off my waist) and dropped 2 dress sizes!  That was 9 years ago and I have never put that weight back on!

But it took until I fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter to take the plunge of a career move! I now run group fitness ‘Learn to Run’ sessions in the park through Train with Kirsty and I also run nutrition courses to help others achieve their lifestyle goals.

I would love to meet you and help you to meet your goals. Working with ‘TWK’  in the park is such a lovely environment to have a workout!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping groups get fit and achieve their fitness and well being goals! Not only do we get fit, but have a giggle too!




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