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To really benefit from fitness sessions they need to be carried out regularly and have week on week progression. Therefore, we have decided to run Fitball and Parkfit sessions as 6 week blocks. This also gives you the opportunity to have a clear starting and ending point for your fitness goals, to ensure you have a space at your preferred class each week and so that your instructor can follow your progress and support where needed.If you are currently using a TWK pass, then you can use these sessions for the 6 week pass and if there is a problem in commiting to 6 weeks then let me know. It seems that it is the same people coming back to the sessions each week, so hopefully this will not be too much of a problem.

Classes will run as normal until the week beginning the 22nd July using the TWK pass and we will trial the 6 week blocks until Christmas 2012.

Train with Kirsty – Booking Form Summer / Autumn 2012

From week beginning Sunday 22nd July, TWK sessions will run in 6 week blocks so that we can focus on progressing your fitness levels and ensure classes are not overcrowded. Spaces are limited to 10 per Fitball session and 15 per Parkfit session so book in quickly. If you need to cancel a session then you can make this up on a Learn to Run or a Parkfit. I am also in the process of liasing for a time slot for a cardio / strengthening fitball to take over from Tuesday Evening Parkfit. I am waiting to hear back from venues to confirm this.

A 6 week block of Fitball costs £36                          A 6 week block of Parkfit costs £30

(If you have a TWK pass, you can use these sessions, but I need to know your preferences for classes to book you in).

Summer- Week beginning Sunday 22nd July to end of week beginning 26th August

Autumn One- Week beginning Sunday 9th September to end of week beginning Sunday 14th October

Autumn Two- Week beginning Sunday 28th October to end of week beginning Sunday 2nd December.

Click HERE for a booking form for you to sign up to the sessions which you would like to attend. Or email / text me the sessions you would like your name put down for.

As always, I appreciate any feedback you have to make sure I create the fitness experience you wish for,

Many kind regards,



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