What is Fitball?

Fitball initially started out as an ‘all over body conditioning’ class aimed at ladies! The ‘ball’
was not part of the session or even in my thoughts. I was thinking a 10 week programme
of circuits, aerobics, intervals and general body conditioning.
I had signed up 25 ladies to the Thursday classes at Hardwick, the Uni campus and was
However, many of ladies suggested using core stability balls to work the core as they
knew they were good and most of them had a ball lying around. So, we used the Fitball for
each of the sessions and Fitball was born !!
Initially Fitball was CV driven with lots of bouncing around, grapevines, squats, ab work
etc. It was good fun and a great workout.
As time progressed and Parkfit developed, I was very aware the importance of the body
strengthening and when the music was loud and fast we were unable to take the time over
these important exercises.
In Parkfit, we are mainly focusing on cardiovascular work, so for those people who were
coming to both Fitball and Parkfit they really needed time to slow things down and focus
on specific areas to develop strength.
Then I met Emma Whitelaw from Chapel Spa, Cheltenham…..
The gallery at Chapel Spa was perfect for developing a class focusing on the
strengthening and conditioning of the body plus a focus on care strength and stability.
Another massive bonus was that it was a smaller space than a sports hall so numbers
could be kept to a minimum for the personal touch.
I am now really pleased with the ‘Fitball Body Conditioning’ classes. We take the muscles
to fatigue and each exercise is differentiated so it meets everyone’s needs, we give
everyone the opportunity to reach fatigue resulting in muscular adaptations and a stronger
and tighter body.
Many of the participants are runners, had babies, needing to tone up….we all work
individually but there is a supportive feel about the class. We have the regulars that come
back every week plus the ones who have heard about the class and come along.
The class is strangely addictive…..come and have a go and see what you think!

See the Be Fit Love Fit classes on www.trainwithkirsty.co.uk for more information or call Kirsty 07787 406 552.


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