ParkFit – Outdoor Fitness

Parkfit for weightloss, conditioning, running training and of course, meeting like minded people.

Parkfit consists of a warm up, mobilisation, interval training, conditioning and concludes with a cool down and a good stretch.

Parkfit is for all fitness levels, from the beginner to the more serious athlete. Group fitness in the outdoors at Pitville Park is the way forward for a way to spice up your fitness regime – come along and give us a try! Meet at Pittville Pump Rooms for yur Parkfit experience 🙂

Contact Kirsty 07787 406552 for more information…

Parkfit really does set you up for the day, getting out in the fresh air and having a ‘run around’. Social fitness makes you feel better, you work harder as you have others around you and of course we reach our goals of improving our fitness, weight loss, toning, strengthening etc etc.
Come along and have a go! For more information / photos / testimonials visit and also
 Intervals…hill sprints….conditioning…cardio…corework…walk…..jog…run…fun!

Great for those who want to increase fitness, or perhaps training for an event such as a marathon, triathlon or perhaps a 5k run.

Weight loss, posture correction, strengthening. Differentiated options throughout the session catering for the power walker to the enthusiastic runner. Contact Kirsty for more information.


From Catherine Beck

How often can you say you enjoy getting up early on a Saturday for a 9am class!? I never thought I would but for the last year I have, and I still love doing it. Weight loss has always been an on and off thing for me, but I enjoy myself at Kirsty’s sessions so much that my weight really doesn’t hold as much importance to me anymore. I’m amazed at how much my fitness has improved, I can feel a difference in my clothes, and I feel so much better about myself. The best thing is that no two sessions are ever the same so I never get bored of pushing myself. If you’re thinking of trying it out then just come along, the first session’s free and I guarantee you’ll love it!

From Jane Blackwell

Really loving park fit on a sat, no better way to start the day! Kirsty’s class is an excellent blend of challenging fitness while feeling comfortable enough to go at your own pace.

From Debbie Bishop

Motivational Classes! I’ve been coming to Kirsty’s classes for over a year now – although it doesn’t feel that long! I enjoy the classes as we all have individual attention and Kirsty takes notice of all our needs. She’s also there whenever I text and follows up during the week too – unlike many fitness class teachers who can’t be contacted until the next session in a week’s time. The morning classes are great for getting a start to the weekend’s running sessions and, being outdoors, are so much more interesting than going to a gym. The classes are small and friendly, so we all get to know each other well and encourage each other.  Even the dreaded interval training is fun. Well done, Kirsty!

From Kath Dean

Parkfit for me has been the answer to weight loss, getting fit and changing shape. I love the fact that every week there are different activities to keep you engaged and motivated whether it be hill running to sprints to circuits. All abilities are catered for, allowing you to work at your own pace as well as being encouraged to challenge yourself to get the most out of every session. The range of activities enables you to build on cardiovascular fitness, speed and core strength. The added bonus is that you are able to enjoy beautiful scenery and exercise outside with a fun group of like minded people. The gym certainly doesn’t hold that attraction!

From Sam Baker:

I went along to park fit expecting to have a gentle park workout. Not true! Kirsty has a knack of understanding everyone’s fitness level and gently encourages each of us over time to become a fitter and stronger version of ourselves. I really look forward to Parkfit and thanks to the energy and enthusiasm Kirsty brings I surprise myself by turning up in rain, ice or sunshine every week!






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