I never thought that I would be able to run 5k in my life!

Still beaming from our session on Friday! I never thought that I would be able to run 5k in my life but with all your help and support since January i have the motivation to achieve things I never thought possible! I know that my journey has only just begun but with your support I know I will finally reach my goals – thank you! Cant wait for our next session.

From Dominique Fracasso Stroud


A word from Kirsty:

Dominique started out as a complete beginner to exercise. We gradually built up strength through body conditioning exercises. Due to the demands of Dominique’s work and being mum to Harry, it was difficult for Dominique to find time to exercise any more than 2 hours a week. However, Dominique put everything in to her sessions and was showing progress week on week.

Dominique enjoyed using the ALter G Anti Gravity treadmil which allowed her to run at a per cent of her body weight, and soon enough she felt confident enough to run on the treadmill then on the roads, and before we knew it she ran a 5k!

Dominique is now a member of a local gym and attends this with her sister out of the sessions which we do at Chapel Spa or The Personal Training studio. Dominique is going from strength to strength.

Well done, Dominique!

You can find Dominique at La De Da, Montpellier. Click here for their facebook page to see some beautiful gifts and home interiors.


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