Kate’s Journey

The start of a life changing journey 🙂
This is from an amazing lady, who has taken life by the horns and has made a difference. Befitlovefit 🙂
our short weeks ago I decided enough was enough and needed to get control of my diet and lose a serious amount of weight.  I’ve been here many times before but this time it felt different.  After 2 weeks of steady weight loss I plucked up the courage to… contact Kirsty to get control of my fitness along with the diet.  Having done no exercise for more than 15 years this was a daunting thought.  Within 2 weeks I have not only met, signed up and trained with Kirsty but have also joined a gym to keep it going in between sessions.  If someone had told me 4 weeks ago that I would be able to manage half an hour of full on exercise let alone go to a gym alone I would have told them they were mad.  Kirsty has given me the confidence, support and encouragement to know that I can get fit. Her nurturing manner pushes me to a level I wouldn’t get to alone.  With still a long way to go, I now KNOW I will get there!!

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