Mari’s TWK Journey

After a long period of doing very little in the way of exercise, or taking any time for me, I decided a change was needed.

I am a mother of two young girls, I work pretty much full time and that was enough of an excuse not to find the time to exercise. I had put on weight slowly, and felt unable to do anything about this.  I have always been the kind of person who needs someone to keep me in check with my diet and exercise. Being accountable to somebody other than me has always helped in the past. When Kirsty announced she would be restarting her fitness business I was thrilled.

Having previously trained with Kirsty, and having amazing results I was excited that I once again had this opportunity. I am well on my way to feeling so much more confident, much stronger and happier with what I see in the mirror. Kirsty always emphasises that this journey is not about her, but about you as an individual, and how you can inspire others on their fitness journeys.

Kirsty has empowered me to feel good about health and exercise again. She has provided me with the knowledge and tools to be able to  continue this outside of our weekly PT sessions. This was supported with guidance and support via email each week.

It’s always nice when you have someone who believes in you, and believes you can achieve all those things that feel impossible. Train with Kirsty is a big part of mine and my mum’s week.

Our family talk about Kirsty as though they know her! If anybody finds themselves in the situation I was in, I would strongly recommend they get in touch with Kirsty.

The first steps are the hardest but you most certainly won’t regret it.

Mari 🙂


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